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You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit –and that fruit would remain – so that whatever you ask the Father in My name He will give you. – John 15:16

Believers are all destined to be transformed into the likeness of Christ. This process happens as we grow in wisdom and knowledge of God’s Word, Ways, and Person. This is why discipleship is vital to all who call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is why the Great Commission instructed believers to “GO, preach the Gospel, make disciples of all men.” Day by Day, Growing in Christ is a 10-Week Course that will teach, train, and prepare believers to be true followers of Jesus Christ.

Click each module below and print out the pages as you progress through the course or print them all at once. The pages are setup so you can three-hole punch them for easy insertion into a 3-ring binder. This course could be utilized for a group study/class or for individual growth and development in Christ. Either way, I pray your life will be changed forever.

Week 1 Who is God and What is He Like?

Week 2 For Every Problem there is a Promise

Week 3 Jesus and the Finished Work of the Cross

Week 4 My True Image in Christ

Week 5 Restoration: God’s Wall God’s Hedge

Week 6 Submission: Understand Authority and Welcome Its Cover

Week 7 Responding to Adversity

Week 8 Developing A Faithful Prayer Life

Week 9 Fasting and Pray Through the Bible

Week 10 Living in Everlasting Peace

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Virginia born, Florida raised, got to Texas as soon as she could, this sunshine girl speaks truth and inspires everyone to influence the world around them. Always encouraging leaders, loving people, sharing Christ and changing the atmosphere around her. Connect, learn, and grow with influential leader, author and speaker Charlana Kelly as she imparts the wisdom, courage, and strength you need today. She is a voice for our time.

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