PrayerKey… Perseverance in Prayer assures the Victory

Image Credit: Michal Bednarek ID 30683997
Image Credit: Michal Bednarek ID 30683997

When we pray, we ought to never give up. We ask, God hears, He responds, we wait, we stand in faith, we eventually realize the victory.

The outcome often looks different from what we originally thought it would. But, it never fails to be better than we ever imagined.

The only requirement for victory is that we finish the race. Solomon told us the race doesn’t go to the fastest runner, nor the victory to the fiercest warrior. The winner is the one who perseveres. Paul exhorted us to run with patience and persistence the race set before us. And, Jesus said, “Those who endure to the end will be saved.”

So we press, we press on in Christ, we scale the mountain of His presence, we keep moving with Him to obtain the victory He promised to those who would never lose hope or faith in Him.

Prayer Key… Persevere in prayer, never stop believing, keep watching for the answer, expecting the victory. It will come and you will not faint in the waiting, because you held on to the Lord as you continued in faith with Him.

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