What the President-Elect Needs Most

Pure Heart & Gracious Speech A Friend of the KingEver wonder why earthly kings sought Daniel to serve in their royal courts? He didn’t just serve in Nebuchadnezzar’s court, the Scripture says he served in many courts of worldly kings.

Was it because he could interpret a dream? No. Not that interpreting a dream is not good, but Daniel’s ability to interpret was based on the wisdom of God he possessed!

This wisdom came during Daniel’s prayer times. When he was called upon to speak he had the answer, because God had already given it to him. It was his devotion to God that brought forth such a great gift of wisdom, so great that kings would call for him in their time of need! Amazing!

Guard your heart and let no impure word proceed from your mouth that is not spoken in grace like Paul said. May our words be spoken with grace and season with salt so that we will know how to answer each one. He who loves a pure heart and whose speech is gracious will have the king for a friend (Proverbs 22:11).

President Elect Donald Trump needs people like Daniel around him, to give him the only wisdom that will make a difference as he leads the USA; wisdom from God! Not persuasive words of human wisdom (We had enough of this!), but true wisdom from the only Wise One, the self-existent Holy One, el Elyon!

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Virginia born, Florida raised, got to Texas as soon as she could, this sunshine girl speaks truth and inspires everyone to influence the world around them. Always encouraging leaders, loving people, sharing Christ and changing the atmosphere around her. Connect, learn, and grow with influential leader, author and speaker Charlana Kelly as she imparts the wisdom, courage, and strength you need today. She is a voice for our time.

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