India… the Challenge will Bring Victory!

Following a visit from long time friends and fellow ministers from India, Mathew and Angel Meagher, the Lord began to speak to me about His plans for the Nation.

The Meaghers founded The Jesus Way India in 1997, with a heart to meet the needs of children and widows as well as providing a Bible School for disciples who were raised up to pastor churches throughout the nation. After twenty years of exploding ministry, a government recognized school for all ages groups with 800 children attending, a hostel with 400 children, and hundreds of churches have been planted throughout the nation.

In recent years Mathew was appointed to the office of Bishop where he serves as a spiritual adviser to all of the independent bishops throughout India.

During our visit he shared with me about the rise of persecution against the church of India and said, “the doorway to the Gospel is closing.” The current Prime Minister is moving legislation forward to declare India a Hindu Nation, which means all people representing other belief systems must convert or get out. Christians are a minority in India representing only 2.3% of the total population. You might think this is an unwinnable battle, but God does His most miraculous work in seemingly impossible moments.

As we began to pray the Holy Spirit released a word of victory over India, join me in expectation of God’s Word coming to pass. There’s no doubt about God’s plan, He desires all men be saved and come to the knowledge of Christ. So, He is at work even now to bring deliverance, healing and restoration to India. I declare; the works of the enemy and the warfare in the second heaven will come to nothing in Jesus’ name.

The Word of the Lord is,

Principalities & powers are disarmed, it’s time to enforce Satan’s defeat. So God says, His Word will run unhindered and the sword of His enemies will be turned on themselves. The angel of the Lord stands guard over every church, every pastor, every Christian leader, every follower of Jesus. In this time of seeming judgement and persecution on the Church of India and all Christians in that nation, God is ambushing the enemy and will bring victory to His Church. We will begin to see the Lord make an open show of enemy camps, both Hindu and Muslim. As the Prophet Isaiah proclaimed they will come and serve God’s people. The Father is lifting up a standard against those in authority who persecute His people. This is a Gideon moment, only a few in faith walking in obedience to the will of God will be needed for the victory. God says to His intercessors, rattle the gate of heaven until you see victory. Many multitudes will be saved in Jesus’ name as God floods their hearts and minds with Christ, with truth. His light over India will shine brighter than ever before. And so it shall be in the mighty and all-powerful name of Jesus… the shift begins now.

Please join in prayer for all of God’s people in the nation of India. Victory will come! God is restoring all things which means the enemy will bow his knee to Jesus. It’s time to rejoice!

May God continue to grant Bishop Mathew Meagher favor on behalf of His people.

God save India!


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