A powerful speaker and teacher, author Charlana Kelly’s passion is winning souls, making disciples, and raising up leaders to win nations for Christ. She is the host of the internet radio program, A Voice for Our Time and has been a guest on DayStar Radio, Look Up Orlando, and Family Today to discuss the plight of people in need and how a Christ-centered message has changed the lives of people who participate in ministry programs she has established and led.

Charlana has spoken at conferences, crusades, and churches around the world. There are no denominational walls where she is concerned; her  message is well received by many mainstream denominations and full Gospel churches alike.

Charlana is also the author of the books “In Search of the King’s Court,” “Reaching Out with a Message of Hope,” and a Christ-centered educational program, “Tools for Triumphant Living,” which has been utilized in the prison system, county jail re-entry program, and in women’s crisis centers and transitional homes in the US and other nations. In 2006, Charlana was nominated as a Woman to Watch for her contributions in making North Central Florida a better place to live and work.

Charlana and her husband of 30 years, Charles, reside in Crockett Texas. They are committed to one another and support the call of God on each other’s life. Charlana is an ordained minister. She was licensed in 2000 and ordained in 2002 by Dr. Jim Kaseman of the Association of Faith Churches and Ministries Int’l. Charlana is also a member of For Pastors Only under the leadership of Carter Conlon, and a member of the Houston County Ministerial Association.

Charlana has also been instrumental in pioneering work to establish programs and homes for women in transition. In 2001, she established a nonprofit organization Christian Women’s Coalition in Ocala, FL which provided programs and ministry throughout the community to help women in need. In 2002, by invitation of FL State Representative Dennis Baxley, Charlana sat on the steering committee that pioneered one of Florida’s first transitional homes for women and their children, Shepherd’s LightHouse in Belleview FL. She also sat on the board for that organization from 2002 through 2005. She was a Chaplain for Lowell Correctional Institute where she was instrumental in providing discipleship/leadership programs for more than ten years and recognized for her service in 2009 as Volunteer of the Year. Along with her long time ministry friend Debbie Watts she helped Debbie launch the women’s mentoring and discipleship ministry, Shoes on the Move in April 2010. Charlana is currently co-pastoring The Fellowship with Pastor Larry Bruce in Kennard TX and she leads Bible Studies and retreats with women from many churches.

Her foray into internet radio began in 2013, first as cohost of Overcoming Abuse God’s Way, then in 2014 as host of A Voice for Our Time which gave her a worldwide platform to boldly declare the uncompromised truth of God’s Word in a season of time when the whole of humanity desperately needs to hear it. 2015 opened another doorway to establish the media company,  SpeakTruth Media Group LLC, that produces and publishes her writing, audio and video messages.

There is no place Charlana will not go to reach the hurting and lost, she has given her life for the sake of Christ and the purpose of the Gospel. She has said many times that she will never be silent day or night until she sees the kingdom of God established.

Regarding her current ministry assignment,

“God has given us a unique opportunity in this day to speak to the world in a moment from our living rooms on a daily basis. I am determined to do my part in hopes of reaping millions of souls for the kingdom of God and His glory. I am praying and asking God to give us the nations as our inheritance as the Psalmist declared in Psalm 2.” ~ Charlana Kelly

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