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Glean from the wisdom of God’s Word! Don’t miss any of the free Bible studies offered by writer, author, speaker and leader Charlana Kelly; a voice for our time, speaking truth and inspiring others to grow in Christ.

Want to learn how to study the Bible? Here’s a basic 6-point approach that will enrich your understanding and transform your life.

6 Point Approach to basic Bible Study

  1. Pray and ask God for Understanding
  2. Read a Passage of Scripture you want to study, then read all the Cross Referenced Scriptures pertaining to the passage (Noted either in the center of a two column/page layout or at the bottom of the page by verse. Find the verse(s) you are reading note the Scripture referenced and read each.)
  3. Identify ways these Scriptures apply to your life
  4. Write everything down in a journal, date the entry, and refer to it often
  5. Put the noted applications into practice
  6. Pray and ask God for the grace to walk out the applications on a daily basis

For advanced study use the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance & read Commentaries. Check out my recommendations.

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Free Bible Studies:

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