Get to Know Charlana

Charlana Kelly, a dynamic speaker and teacher, delivers her message through multiple mediums laced with a clear passion for winning souls, making disciples, and raising up leaders to win nations for Christ.

She has been in full-time ministry for more than 20 years, serving in various ministerial capacities in churches, nonprofits, and as a part of community service programs. She is the author of the books; “Irrefutable,” “Find & Fuel Your Purpose,” “You are Not Here by Accident,” “Reaching Out with a Message of Hope” and “In Search of the King’s Court.” She also developed and wrote the discipleship program, “Tools for Triumphant Living” which has been used in ministries, transitional homes, jail and prison reentry programs, as well as being translated into Swahili for use in the Bible school The GPF Apostolic Missions Network led by Apostle Peter Badia.

Charlana has preached the Gospel and empowered leaders around the world through missions since 1998, drawing multiple thousands from four nations while in Kitale Kenya. She continues to reach out around the world through TV and radio. Her television program, Engage for Influence, airs on Grace TV Friday evening and Sunday morning. On-demand episodes can be viewed anytime at her YouTube Channel @CharlanaKellyTV. On radio, Unshakable, airs weekly on Thursday at 4 pm Central on 104.3 Joy FM in East Texas. The Podcast titled the same is available through all outlets; iTunes, iHeart Radio, Google Play, and Spotify among others. In 2015, she founded SpeakTruth Media Group, LLC which produces and publishes all of her ministry media works with the support of her sponsors and underwriters.

Charlana became a licensed minister in 2000, then ordained in 2002 by Dr. Jim Kaseman of the Association of Faith Churches & Ministers Intl. She is currently serves the local church in leadership at Good Shepherd Fellowship in Crockett TX. She is actively involved in her community through the Houston County Ministerial Association and often contributes to community-wide prayer and events.

While her ministry accomplishments are far reaching, Charlana believes firmly that her highest calling is at home. She and her husband of more than 30 years, Charles, reside in Crockett Texas. They never had children of their own, but God has entrusted them with many “spiritual kids” over the decades. Witnessing those “kids” grow in Christ has brought them much joy!

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Regarding her current ministry assignment on television,

“God has given us a unique opportunity in this day to speak to the world in a moment from our living rooms on a daily basis. I am determined to do my part in hopes of reaping millions of souls forthe kingdom of God and His glory. I am praying and asking God to give us the nations as our inheritance as the Psalmist declared in Psalm 2.” ~ Charlana Kelly

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