Through the preaching of the Gospel and teaching of God’s Word

  • IGNITE a passion in people for a deep relationship with the Lord
  • INSPIRE a heart-desire for discipleship
  • EMPOWER them through His Word to fulfill all of God’s will for their life

We are living in marvelous days when God is raising up a remnant of believers who have remained faithful and true. Many have been secluded in the wilderness of preparation for the season we witness unfolding right now. It’s time to know what we believe, in Who we have believed, and be able to communicate with power the Word’s of our God.

Oracles are rising and ordinary people are putting on Christ in powerful ways to preach, teach, and admonish, to pray, seek and see miracles from on high. There is no doubt Charlana Kelly is called to communicate to the masses about the glory and majesty of Christ.

This website exists for the sole purpose of providing resources to teach and train disciples for Christ!

Invite Charlana to speak at your next event.

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