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Of all the books, curriculum, articles, sermons, and blogs I’ve written over the past ten plus years, this book, “You are Not Here by Accident,” stirs my heart the most. I believe God is raising His army, soldiers of love, light, and life, right now to reap the harvest of souls ready to receive salvation. You are called to repair and rebuild the former desolations of many generations as the kingdom of God increases throughout the earth. You are God’s representative in the earth with a field of people to nourish with truth for His glory.

You are not random. You are handpicked by the Creator of the Universe and Divinely placed with a powerful purpose. I, for one, cannot wait to see what God does in your life and in the lives of your loved ones.

Reading this book is just the beginning of a movement we are going to participate in together. You are not alone in your call or journey. You will receive all the encouragement you need and the grace from God necessary to fulfill His greatest desire for YOU and those in your field. Now… let’s go!

Know that you are loved by me and prayed for daily! I am…

Grateful beyond words,

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PS… Books will be shipped on or before January 28, 2017!

Until then, stay tuned to my website,, and Facebook Page for details. And, if there is someone who would benefit from joining our community and reading this book, please share the information to invite them to come along with us.