The Future of You

Epilogue… The Future of YOU

It all began thousands of years ago, when you were thought of and planned by the greatest Planner of all time and eternity.

In that moment, you were handpicked by God for His purpose; blessing, goodness, and glory.

You didn’t realize it initially, but once you met Christ and surrendered your life to Him, you found freedom and liberty as you grew in your knowledge of truth.

Step by step, day by day, month by month, year by year, Holy Spirit equipped you and gave you revelation of your God given talent and opportunities to share the Good News of Jesus with family and friends.

The more you’ve come to know who you are in Him, you realize and accept the unique beauty given to you by the Father.

His captivating love beckoned you come closer, allowing Holy Spirit to make you more and more Christ-like, you recognize God’s presence and power.

His Word and promises become a reality in your life, you step into your authority in Him and become fierce in battle. There’s not a challenge you don’t overcome, an adversary you cannot defeat, a room you do not fill with the beauty of His holiness flowing from you.

While others ask questions, seek and search for wisdom, you step in to speak. All eyes turn, every mind asks the question, “Who is this person.” They recognize God is with you, they come, they ask, they seek, they inquire, they want to know, they have to have the peace in you, the grace you dispense, the love that flows so easily, the graciousness and thankfulness you extend in every circumstance.

They are hungry, they are thirsty, they are empty. But YOU ARE FILLED and READY. You’ve been chosen by God, equipped by heaven, clothed with light, life, and Christ. You are the embodiment and demonstration of all that is good and blessed in Him.

The whole of creation has been waiting for your appearance. Isaiah saw a vision of YOU, he proclaimed the coming Messiah Jesus Christ and the latter-day events. He spoke of the glory of God filling the earth and resting on His people. Even in gross darkness, unbelievers will recognize you and come to the light of His glory that shines so brightly through you2.

You are amazing. You are powerful. You are not just living out your days, you are making history everyday as you live your Divine purpose in Christ.

YOU are not here by accident!

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